E3.1008 General Motors OE Replacement Wire Set

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E3.1008 General Motors OE Replacement Wire Set
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ITEM # : E3.1008
E3 direct fit wire set for 8 cylinder 1987-1993 GM vehicle. Enter your application information to insure this is the correct wire set for you vehicle.




E3 spark plug wire sets are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM standards with regard to fit, form and function. High temperature silicone boots provide maximum heat protection while keeping out moisture and other chemicals. Premium corrosion-resistant snap lock terminals click into place for ease of installation and removal.
350 Ohms per foot Resistance
Stainless Steel and Brass terminals for Longevity and Conductivity


Part Number: E3.1008

Diameter: 8mm

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Reviewed by Jmelford
Jmelford bought "E3.1008 General Motors OE Replacement Wire Set" on our website
02/26/2018 - 10:23:20 PM
Great product
I have been using E3 spark plugs for several years and now that they carry wire sets I bought one for my 1989 Chevy 1500 with a 5.7 liter engine. I was amazed at how much more power my engine has with these wires. Before installing these I had a miss at idle after the engine warmed up and nothing I changed before could get rid of it. Now it doesn't miss at all. Plus starting up from a light or stop sign I would get a flat spot just off idle. That is now gone also. After installing the wires I went in for my smog check and was amazed that now my truck has almost zero emissions. I haven't checked my gas mileage yet but I would expect to now get 23 or 24 MPG (highway) where before I was getting 21MPG. I plan to buy E3 wire sets for my hot rods next.