Racing Lithium Batteries

Born from cutting edge nanoscale materials, chosen by the world’s super car manufacturers and proven on the Formula 1 & NASCAR podiums, the next generation of lithium batteries have arrived. Introducing E3 Lithium. Featuring a significant weight reduction, a massive power increase and the longest life of any battery available, E3 Lithium sets a new standard in racing batteries.

Available in two configurations for motorsports applications, E3 Lithium b3atteries are designed to excel in the harsh racing environment. Our 1200 cranking amp battery (part # E3.502) weighs in at just 6.9 lbs while its bigger brawnier brother the 1600 cranking amp offering – nick named “The Beast” (part # E3.503) tips the scales at only 8.9 lbs, thanks in part to its custom designed carbon fiber case.

E3 Lithium’s exclusive battery management system (BMS) offers protection from over-charging, over discharging, short circuits and excessive cranking. The BMS also has built-in cell balancing technology which ensures reliable power delivery every time you hit the starter. An added feature of The Beast is its LED battery fault light indicator, which can be hard-wired to a dash mounted extension so that you can keep constant tabs on your battery’s performance.

E3 Lithium Batteries, pound for pound the most powerful 13.2v batteries on the market, outperform more expensive 16 volt units with ease, all at a price that won’t break the bank.