E3.614: Chrysler (2006 - Current) Ultra-High Output HEMI Coil

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ITEM # : E3.614
Ultra-High Output Hemi Coil fitting 2006 - Current 5.7L, 6.1L and 6.4L engines





One of the nastiest production engines to come out of Detroit in the last twenty years has to be the late model Hemi and it can get even nastier with the addition of the ultra-high output E3.614 Hemi Coil. With more than double the energy output of a stock coil, E3’s Hemi coil features a stainless steel spark plug contact ring and optimized resistance and inductance values which increase output at higher RPM levels. Our high temperature epoxy resists shock and vibration while providing excellent thermal conductivity ensuring extra-long life. Additionally, the spark plug boots are molded in a special high temperature 550 degree F silicone compound.  

Ideally suited for a wide range of both naturally aspirated and forced induction racing applications, E3.614 fits 5.7L, 6.1L, and 6.4L Hemi engines from 2006 to current model years. When coupled with an E3 Spark Plug featuring DiamondFIRE Technology, you’ll experience tire shredding power at its finest.

E3.614 Coil-on-Plug crosses against MSD 8255.

Primary Resistance: 0.38 Ohms
Secondary Resistance: 6.4K Ohms
Primary Inductance: 1.7 mH
Turns Ratio: 117:1
Maximum Voltage: 36,000 volts
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