E3 Bronze Distributor Gear

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E3 Bronze Distributor Gear
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ITEM # : E3.830


E3 Bronze Distributor Gear for GM/Chevrolet Distributors




Matching camshaft and distributor gears is one of the most critical, yet often overlooked step in engine assembly. Using the wrong material can lead to premature gear wear, possible camshaft wear and ultimately engine failure. The E3 Bronze Distributor Gear is designed to be used with a billet steel hydraulic camshaft or a solid roller camshaft. Please note: All bronze distributor gears conform well to the mating camshaft gear and will not damage the gear, but it is a self sacrificing gear intended to be used in race applications only and should be replaced about once a year.

Part Number: E3.830

Compatible part: E3.1410

Material: Bronze

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