Racing Distributors



Regardless of what your race, our new line of high-performance racing distributors were designed to withstand the harshest motorsports environment and still function at 100%. E3 DiamondFire Racing Distributors are available for both Ford and Chevy engines and feature a smaller distributor cap and bowl that will fit the most compact spaces.

Top mounted for easy access, the race proven adjustable mechanical advance features a cam plate and weights that are precision stamped and blanked for precise accuracy of dimension and balance. We TIG welded the cam plate to the top of the shaft assembly  for reliable performance and long term durability. But we didn’t stop there - the weight pivot pins are stacked and TIG welded in place on the cam plate. The whole assembly receives a proprietary nitrocarburized treatment, which significantly strengthens and hardens the surface, while reducing friction and providing a corrosion resistant finish. The cam plate features nylon rub pads which the weights ride on, thereby ensuring long term smooth advance movement. Each DiamondFIRE Distributor comes with three sets of advance springs and four stop bushings, allowing you to customize the advance curve to your specific application.

Our high output magnetic pickup is engineered specifically for racing and is bolted to the base of the distributor. The shaft mounted paddle wheel reluctor has been finely tuned to enable the whole system to generate an accurate trigger signal at all RPM levels, even up to redline. Follow that up with a centerless ground shaft that rides on an upper sealed roller bearing with an extra-long lower bronze Oil-Lite bushing for smooth operation at high RPM’s. It also polished before receiving our proprietary friction reducing coating. This ensures both smooth and reliable operation up to 10,000 RPM as well as a much longer service life than other distributors with steel or polymer bushings.

All DiamondFIRE Distributors feature CNC machined 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum housing. A special hot forging process goes beyond a normal billet process to ensure that there are no weak spots or porosity while producing the strongest possible flex free parts. This process ensures accurate machined tolerances as well as a good looking finished distributor. Molded in high quality 30% glass filled polyester (PBT), the cap, rotor and wire retainer offers both high impact and dielectric strength while resisting carbon tracking. The cap contacts are brass while the rotor spring is stainless steel, a design that delivers long term maximum conductivity. A DiamondFIRE distributor will be the last distributor you ever buy.