E3.264 Spark Plug Kit

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E3.264 Spark Plug Kit
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ITEM # : E3.264
E3.264 Spark Plug Kit for Natural Gas engines.




     Long Life Double Iridium-Rhodium technology acquired from natural gas industrial engines.
     Iridium-Rhodium alloy 0.8mm center electrode surface exceeds OEM 0.7mm center electrode by 30%.
     Higher Iridium-Rhodium alloy melting points reduce incidents of alloy melting/bridging the gap, misfires. 
     Silicone rubber boot and dialectric grease meets OEM requirements.
     Gap 0.014" (0.355mm) delivers longest life performance.
     90 day warranty for manufacture's defects and materials.

Cummins 4309391
     Denso 674-2001, 674-2003

    Heavy-Duty Truck & Bus
    Cummins ISX12 G, ISX12N
    Natural Gas, CNG, RNG, LNG, RLNG


Part Number: E3.264

Spark Plug Type: Long Life Double Iridium -Rhodium

SAE Standard: J548/1_201303 or SAE J548/1

IATF Standard: IATF 16949:2016

ISO Standard: ISO 9001:2015

Resistor: Fired In Suppressor Seal FISS

Hex Size: 5/8" (16mm)

Thread Reach: 0.750" (19mm)

Thread Diameter: 14mm

Shell: Cold Rolled Steel, Nickel-Electrolytic Plated

Seat: Gasket

Insulator: Dielectric Ceramic 95% Alumina

Center Electrode: Nickel Alloy/Copper Core,  0.8mm Iridium-Rhodium Alloy - 360° Laser Welded

Ground Electrode: Nickel Alloy, 1.2mm Iridium-Rhodium Alloy - 360° Laser Welded

Gap: 0.014" (0.355mm)

Torque Value: 28 ft-lb (38 N-m)

Boot: Methyl Vinyl Silicone Rubber Rating 500ºF / 260ºC, DuPont® Krytox 205 Dielectric Grease

Boot: Silicone rubber boot (E3.264 Spark Plug Kit Only)

Packaged: 1 per box, 48 boxes per case, 96 per master case

Packaged Contents: (1) Spark Plug, (1) Boot with dielectric grease applied

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