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ITEM # : E3.231
E3.231 Oxygen Sensor is specifically designed as a replacement in Cummins, Detroit, John Deere natural gas and diesel engines.




E3.231 Oxygen Sensors are engineered to meet or exceed OEM specifications.
        Durable sensor design increases sensor longevity.
        Extra hi-temp VHT fiberglass sleeve.
        OEM direct-fit connectors.
        Threads pre-coated with anti-seize compound right out of the box.
        Maximizes engine performance and fuel efficiency while reducing harmful emissions.
        Competitively priced oxygen sensor alternative.
        90 day warranty for manufacture’s defects and materials.

        Cummins 4001675
        Detroit Diesel 23526113
        John Deere RE519691

        Cummins B5.9G, B Gas Plus, B5.9 LPG, B LPG Plus, C8.3G, C Gas Plus, L10G, L Gas Plus, ISL G
        Cummins Industrial 6B, 6C, G3.9, G5.9, G5.9E, G8.3, G8.3C, G8.3E, GTA8.3, GTA8.3 SLB, L-10
        Cummins Diesel B5.9, ISB5.9, ISB6.7, B6.7, C8.3, ISC8.3, L10, ISL
        Detroit Diesel Series 50G, Series 60G
        John Deere 6081HFN01, 6081HFN02, 6081HFN03, 6081HFN04

        CNG, RNG, LNG, RLNG, Propane, Diesel, Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel


        Schools Buses, Shuttle Buses, Transit Buses
        Refuse Trucks, Long-haul Trucks, Short-haul Trucks, Street Sweepers, Vocational Trucks, Terminal Tractors
        Industrial Stationary Engines


Part Number: E3.231

Oxygen Sensor Type: Wideband Heated

ISO Standard: ISO/TS16949:2009 (TS3)

Material Housing: Stainless Steel Housing

Material CorePlatinum Electrode, Nichol Coated Copper Conductor

Mounting Type: Threads - Pre-coated With Anti-seize

Thread Diameter: 0.708" (18mm)

Wire Quantity: 5

Wire Insulation: PTFE Insulated Wires

Wire Jacket: VHT Silicone & Fiberglass Sleeve

Connector Type: 7 Pin Socket

Connector Shape: Rectangle OEM Direct-Fit Connector

Overall Length: 26.77" (680mm)

Packaged: 1 per box, 12 per case

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