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ITEM # : E3.74
Automotive plug that fits in a variety of late model Ford and GM applications.




E3.74 is a 14mm, 1.000” reach plug with a taper seat. It fits a wide variety of late model applications, especially Ford applications. E3 automotive plugs have three legs securing the DiamondFIRE electrode to the shell. This allows for excellent heat transfer, and helps to create more turbulence in the cylinder. The patented DiamondFIRE side wire is proven to increase power, reduce fuel consumption and improve hydrocarbon emissions in long-term use. The unique ground electrode and full-size center electrode also provides optimal performance for a guaranteed five years or 100,000 miles.

Part Number: E3.74

Resistor: Resistor

Hex Size: 5/8"

Thread Reach: 1.000"

Thread Diameter: 14mm

Seat: Taper

Tip/Gap: DiamondFIRE Fixed Gap Cannot Be Adjusted

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Reviewed by Mw1975
11/01/2019 - 03:54:14 PM
Best plugs
I had been hearing how great these plugs were from friends and people I know who are mechanics so I finally got some and once I installed them I noticed a difference right off the bat. The car start better and the gas mileage almost instantly. So definitely make the which I did and won't back other plugs
Reviewed by Adam20750
05/16/2018 - 08:49:00 PM
E3 spark plugs amazing
I have a 2008 Saturn vue red line and boy am I impressed with the performance and gain of gas mileage. I love building and racing cars. These plugs I have been using for 5 years now and won't ever go to anything different. These plugs prove over and over the change in performance and wear and tear. To anyone who wants gas mileage and racing performance don't pass these plugs up
Reviewed by qwikdave
03/07/2018 - 05:57:11 PM
Great Spark Plugs
I switched to E3 Plugs for my 2014 Mustang 3.7L V6 right after they became available. I was immediately impressed with the improved throttle response, I wasn't expecting a noticeable difference. Overall driving performance improved as well. I race my Mustang at Royal Purple Raceway's Bracket Racing Series, and, I think I'm one of the only drivers using E3 (so far, that is). I make it a point to let people know about E3 plugs (ie: stickers for the car would be nice). I changed the first set after about 10,000 miles, just to see how they looked. Once again, impressed. I don't think I'll need to change 'em again for a while. My recommendation: BUY E3 SPARK PLUGS! You will not be dissappointed. Note: I don't give out many 5-star ratings.