Automotive Spark Plugs


When you buy automotive plugs online from, you get the same quality of service and support that we put into every spark plug we manufacture. To get started, all you have to do is select the type of E3 spark plug that you need (i.e. - automotive plugs, truck plugs, lawn & garden plugs, etc.).

How to Buy E3 Automotive Spark Plugs

From the Shop's Home Page, you have two options: 1) you can choose to shop by category using the drop-down menu at the top of the page, or 2) use our "FIND YOUR PART" search feature. Once you've selected "Automotive Plugs", you will be taken to the automotive plug storefront. Now "Select a Year" for your car, then complete the process by choosing the "MAKE", "MODEL", "ENGINE" and hit "SUBMIT".  

If you entered, for example, a 2013 Ford Mustang with 3.7L V6, you would be taken directly to the page for the E3.74 Spark Plug. Here you will see a detailed picture of the actual plug for the vehicle you selected with information tabs for DESCRIPTION, SPECIFICATIONS or REVIEWS. As you can see, this is an automotive plug that fits in a variety of late model Ford and GM applications. Now, you have the option to "CLICK HERE TO FIND A STORE NEAR YOU" or "ADD TO CART".

If you chose "FIND A STORE", you were taken to the main site's Buy Automotive Spark Plugs page with graphic displays for a number of our vendors. The graphic display for each vendor gives you the option to: go directly to their website's spark plugs inventory page or "find location near you". Now, if you chose the "ADD TO CART", don't forget to enter the quantity (QTY) that you need to purchase. For a 2013 Mustang with the engine size you selected, you would need to buy six E3.74 automotive plugs.

Now that you're in the E3 Shopping Cart, you're given several options: 1) Proceed to Checkout; 2) Continue Shopping;  3) Enter a Promo Code, if you have one; or 4) hit Remove to cancel the order. If you select the later, you will be asked to confirm your decision. A new screen will confirm that your Shopping Cart is Empty and you will be given the option to continue shopping in the E3 Spark Plugs store. Please note that we offer Free U.S. Shipping on all orders over $75.

Why Buy E3 Spark Plugs for Your Car?

Simply stated, E3 spark plugs were "Born to Burn".

When it is time to buy automotive spark plugs for your car, choose E3 spark plugs with their patented DiamondFIRE ground electrode. E3 automotive plugs were designed to burn fuel more efficiently by burning fuel more completely. Most plugs create a flame shape that moves sideways from the central electrode. Our flame kernel moves toward your engine's inbound air/fuel mixture. This creates a higher combustion pressure for an improved burn time that minimizes the waste of unburned fuel.

So the next time you buy automotive plugs for your vehicle, remember our spark plugs will provide a like-new performance for the life of the plug. After years of independent testing in conjunction with researchers from leading universities, we decided to ditch the standard "J-wire" electrode in favor of an edge-to-edge design. Since the diamond-shape electrode architecture produces a larger flame, much of the leftover air/fuel mixture is burned rather than passed through the engine's exhaust. The most environmentally-friendly plug available at a price you can afford.