Automotive Lithium Batteries

Born from cutting edge nanoscale materials, chosen by the world’s super car manufacturers and proven on the Formula 1 & NASCAR podiums, UltraPhosphate™ Technology is now available to the aftermarket. Introducing the E3 Lithium High Performance 12-volt Automotive Battery. Featuring a significant weight reduction, a massive power increase and the longest life of any battery available, E3 Lithium is the LAST battery you’ll ever buy. 

The E3 Lithium line of high performance 12 volt batteries set a new performance standard for batteries of all classifications. By utilizing advanced chemistry and system design, E3 Lithium offers outstanding cycle life, high charge acceptance, and up to a 60% weight reduction over lead-acid batteries in addition to outstanding cold cranking power unmatched in the industry.

Leaving lead-acid, AGM and even traditional lithium-ion batteries languishing behind in the dust, E3's UltraPhosphate Technology is a quantum leap ahead in the power supply market. Available in 60 Amp Hour and 40 Amp Hour configurations, UltraPhosphate Technology was previously available only to OEM automobile manufactures and top flight Formula 1 racing teams. But E3, the inventors of the dyno proven DiamondFIRE Technology Spark Plug, have changed all of that with the introduction of E3 Lithium.

The features of E3 Lithium's UltraPhosphate Technology sets the bar on lithium-ion battery performance by delivering the following:

*Lighter Weight
*Dynamic Charge Acceptance
*Extreme Cold Temperature Performance
*Extensive Cycle Life
*Built to OEM Specifications/D.O.T. Approved 
*Exceptional Versatility, Reliability & Durability

Let's take a look at the details that make E3 Lithium the last battery you'll ever buy.

Lighter Weight

The E3.Li60 weighs less than half of the lead-acid battery that it is replacing, while the E3.Li40 is even lighter. Cutting battery weight means more power, increased fuel economy and better overall performance from your vehicle.

Dynamic Charge Acceptance

E3 Lithium offers an extremely robust 12 volt platform that can accept high rates of charge while capturing and storing several times more energy. That means that the battery is highly versatile and can power both traditional 12 volt automotive systems and those that utilize regenerative braking and/or start-stop systems. This advantage is sustained over product life and does not suffer the severe performance degradation experienced with lead-acid technologies.

Extreme Cold Temperature Performance

E3’s breakthrough Lithium-ion chemistry delivers a wider temperature operating range for exceptional cold crank performance that outperforms lead acid batteries, thus contributing to overall system reliability.

Extensive Cycle Life – the LAST battery you’ll ever buy

While some lithium battery producers claim extended life of 3 times over a lead acid battery, E3 Lithium’s UltraPhosphate Technology delivers a solution that will perform for the life of your vehicle. This is truly the last battery you’ll ever buy.

Built to OEM Specifications & D.O.T. Approved

E3 Lithium Batteries are built to OEM Specifications with a design, technology and construction that is used by leading vehicle manufacturers around the world. Our smart on-board battery management system (BMS) electronics report real-time data and diagnostics to protect the battery and prevent premature failures. The integrated BMS provides cell balancing and built-in state of charge and state of health measurement and calculation which allows those manufacturers to remove intelligent battery sensors from their vehicle system. In other words, all E3 Lithium Batteries are built to OEM specifications, which means that they are safer, more reliable and more durable than other lithium batteries on the market today.

Exceptional Versatility, Reliability & Durability

Both the E3.500 and E3.501 featuring UltraPhosphate Technology are designed to work in a multitude of different vehicle applications. From the race track to the street, E3 Lithium’s are capable of powering everything from a NASCAR Monster Energy Cup car to an Off-Road Trophy Truck to a Porsche 911 to your 1934 Deuce Coupe and everything in between.