E3.40 Spark Plug

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E3.40 Spark Plug
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ITEM # : E3.40


Automotive plug that fits in a variety of domestic applications.




E3.40 is a 14mm, 0.460” reach plug with a taper seat. It fits domestic applications in the 60’s to early 90’s, and is widely stocked in automotive retail stores. E3 automotive plugs have three legs securing the DiamondFIRE electrode to the shell. This allows for excellent heat transfer, and helps to create more turbulence in the cylinder. The patented DiamondFIRE side wire is proven to increase power, reduce fuel consumption and improve hydrocarbon emissions in long-term use. The unique ground electrode and full-size center electrode also provides optimal performance for a guaranteed five years or 100,000 miles.

Part Number: E3.40

Resistor: Resistor

Hex Size: 5/8"

Thread Reach: 0.460"

Thread Diameter: 14mm

Seat: Taper

Tip/Gap: DiamondFIRE Fixed Gap Cannot Be Adjusted

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Reviewed by victorj032
11/28/2017 - 08:17:01 PM
E3 spark plugs are worth the money, bought thi, and its lasted me such a long time, great quality for a great price
Reviewed by Trucgran60
10/11/2017 - 11:20:23 AM
96 geo metro 1.3 liter
I know this is a small motor and already get 35 miles to the gallon but I put the E trees in for the first time in any car. The second I crank the car up I could tell the difference in the plugs. I'm now getting 43 miles to a gallon with the AC on and coming up to my last trip 48 and a half miles per gallon without the AC. I'd recommend this plug to anybody for any vehicle and I got I maintain eight more vehicles and every one of them was going to get these plugs.Nice